About Us

Crepsol Group is a company with private capital. Owners are an independent group of private investors who have focused on start-up projects in the IT sector. They come from a wide range of backgrounds and have advising, consulting, financial, managing, legal and other business experience as well as considerable private equity. They also combine a deep knowledge of local markets with international experience. Crepsol Group offers business incubation for early stage, start-up and pre-start up projects or businesses, typically operating in information and communications technology (ICT) and digital media.

The experience of our team:

CEO Message

We are a small and committed team who are fully interested in the success of each of our projects.

As we have been the owners and builders of different businesses, we want to use our experience and financial resources to support innovative and promising ideas or budding entrepreneurs that have lack of funding, adequate management or development plan.

We are patient investors, focused on achieving the best long-term outcomes for our clients as well as for our investments.

We function in an area where confidentiality, trust and security play a key role; discretion and anonymity are guaranteed. Our future partners and beneficiaries can rest assured that cooperation in business relationships and partnerships is our primary aim.

What is unique about us, is that we treat each Client in a unique fashion. We identify their needs through applying comprehensive methodology and analyzing the business processes in their companies. The gathered information lets us present particular IT solutions and development ideas, appropriate to their requirements. This has allowed us to form lasting bonds with many former regular Clients and earn their trust.

We want to do the same standards for new potential business partners.

When we analyze the potential of the company or project, we can determine the appropriate IT and business solutions, in line with the strategy and development plan of the organization.

Each project is conducted on the basis of close cooperation with the Client and is supported by a tested implementation methodology.

We offer support on the basis of grants or redirecting the project to the appropriate path of development. We can help in the management and selection of technologies, all based on investment agreements or ownership share in the project.

Crepsol Group was founded in mid-2013. In the first period, we focused on the development of investment strategy and organization structure of the company. We have decided to invest in European countries. By 2014, we organized a European representation, with an operational office in Portugal – the country which we found to be the most attractive to invest in small and medium-sized projects in the IT sector. We have also started working with companies from Poland – the fastest growing European country in recent years. In the period 2014-2018, we implemented several projects with them, in which Crepsol co-financed and coordinated implementation. In 2015 and 2016 we worked on the South America and European market, while developing the company structure on both continents. We have signed new investment agreements and started work on supporting the next few projects that seem to have a huge potential and good growth forecasts.

In 2020 and beyond, we want to focus on activities in the Brazilian and Portuguese markets. We plan to further develop three already launched projects in the financial sector, dedicated to both of the above markets. At the same time, we are constantly looking for contact with people or companies that have innovative IT ideas and are waiting for their recapitalization. We will slowly but consistently build a stable position of our organization.


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The advice we offer is based upon careful examination of Clients businesses, their processes and operational goals. The information we gather, allows us to present the solutions most appropriate to our Client’s needs. We also design improvements to our Clients’ present IT infrastructure if the implementation makes it necessary. We support our Clients in every step of the way. We greatly value effective communication, which allows us to perform our advisory role to the best of our ability and also to react to any changes in Client needs.

We provide the following services

• Technical and technological consulting and advice

• Financial and investment advice

• Financing and implementation of innovative projects within the IT sector

• Maintenance of third party solutions

• Complex quality assurance of IT systems

• Outsourcing of resources and services related to the management

How to Reach Us

Head office:
Madison Avenue Business Center
275 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10016, USA


European Operational Office:
Algarve Office Center
Rua de Santo António nº 2A – 1ª piso
8000-283 Faro, Portugal