Crepsol Group is a company with private capital. Its owners are an independent group of private investors, concentrated in the IT sector. We combine our capital and experience in consulting, marketing, finance, management and e-commerce with the ideas of investors from various local markets. Crepsol Group offers business incubation for projects or companies at an early stage, usually operating in information and communication technologies (ICT) and digital media.

The experience of our team:

CEO Message

We are a small but determined team, fully interested in the success of each project.

As we have owned and built various successful business ventures in the past, we want to use our experience and financial resources to support innovative and promising ideas. Beginner entrepreneurs who do not have sufficient funds for development or lack proper management can count on our support as part of various forms of cooperation.

We are patient investors, focused on achieving optimal and long-term results for each of our investments.

We operate in an area where confidentiality, trust and reliability play a key role. Our future partners and beneficiaries can be sure that building good business and partnership relations is our main goal.

We treat each client in a unique way. We identify their needs by applying a comprehensive methodology and analyzing business processes in their companies. The collected information allows us to present individual IT solutions and development ideas, adequate to their requirements. This has allowed us to establish lasting bonds with many current partners and gain their trust.

We want to apply the same standards to new potential business partners.

By analyzing the potential of a company or project, we can determine the appropriate IT and business solutions, consistent with the strategy and development plan of the organization.

Each project is carried out on the basis of close cooperation with the client and is supported by a proven implementation methodology.

We offer financial support. We provide assistance in the management and selection of technology. We cooperate on the basis of investment agreements or ownership shares in the project.

The Crepsol Group was established in 2013. In the first period, we focused on the development of the investment strategy and the organizational structure of the company. We focused on European countries and South America. Until 2014, we organized a European branch with an operating office in Portugal – the country we found the most attractive to invest in small and medium-sized IT projects. We also started cooperation with companies from Poland – the fastest developing European country at that time. In 2015-2020, we implemented several projects, co-financing and coordinating the implementation. We worked on the South American and European markets, developing the company’s structure on both continents. We signed new investment agreements and started work on supporting several more projects that seem to have great potential and good growth forecasts.

In 2022, we want to focus on activities in the Brazilian and Portuguese markets. We plan further development of three already started projects in the financial sector, dedicated to both of the above markets. At the same time, we are constantly looking for contact with people or companies that have innovative ideas for IT and are waiting for their recapitalization. Slowly but surely, we will build a stable position of our organization.